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Here at NP Dev Limited we offer a bespoke turnkey service for the food, nutraceutical and health industries from concept to finished product. Relying on extensive experience in supplement formulation in liquid, powder and gel formats we turn your ideas into reality. 

Following initial sample approval we can then progress to stability work in order to validate your required shelf life. 

We also offer pilot batches and small runs to support you in your venture as you promote your product or test the market with your new brand. Products can be packed into a range of packaging formats including bottles (PET/glass), sprays, droppers, jars, pots, pouches and a variety of other formats.

All site standards and development processes conform to the highest standards of food safety and current legislation. 



Following receipt of your enquiry we begin with a costing to help you determine that the proposed formulation is viable in your chosen market. 

Chemical works


Following sample approval we are able to carry out stability work to validate the shelf life you require. 

Water filling production


Equipped to carry out ambient production of supplements in powder and liquid formats the final stage is to manufacture and pack your product ready for sale.


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